WHO am I?

A gay woman married to the love of my life, raised in Ghana, former Jehovah’s Witness, travel nurse, fitness enthusiast, information whore, potty mouthed.

WHAT do I teach?

🧠Sound Mind

I believe that having a sound mind is imperative to everything we do. We cannot treat it as a separate entity even if all we’re looking to do is shrink our waistlines. Therapy, journaling, deep inner work to heal subconscious wounds that lead to subconscious patterns are all ways I believe we can develop sound minds.

🥘Sustainable Nutrition 

In a country with so much to gain from us fearing food, learning sustainable nutrition is vastly important. This is not another diet teaching methodology. Rather, I aim to help women take back power from fear of food that may have developed over years of dieting. It starts with learning the very basics of nutrition. What are carbohydrates, protein and fat and how do they impact our health?

💪🏾Enjoyable Movement

Movement is something out body craves however, as a society, we move less than we ever have. The advent of technology has exacerbated this for sure. Learning to move as we our body allows us to is a great place to start. How do we get away from punishing our selves with exercise, “working off that piece of pie” and get into moving in ways that bring us immense joy!

Marrying these three components in order to live a life that is fulfilled is what I believe to be my life’s mission and I’m excited to teach you from my many years of experience as I learn and evolve further. Being a nurse, learning so much about nutrition that I’m currently getting certified as a nutrition coach, having lifted weights for the past 5 years as well as having been in talk therapy for just as long gives me a unique insight into how these three components come together.

My favorites❤️

British shows, reading, existential debates, lifting weights, beer, taco tuesdays, traveling, sunshine on my back, beach walks, the ocean, Africa (the whole continent).