…that’s the question sometimes isn’t it? The thing with vulnerability is, there’s always that fear of repercussion. I can definitely tell you that I have an ongoing panic/freakout about how much vulnerability is too much.

In my real life, I can be an over-sharer and I generally relish it because I love to stimulate conversations no matter how awkward or uncomfortable it might be. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m always down to debate/discuss any subject matter.

But online, with strangers reading your words and none of the accountability of an in person discussion, things become a little scarier.

Another aspect of this that I’m realizing is that while I love to have general debates or discussions in my personal life, a lot of the reaaallly intimate stuff is often not touched on. There is this imperceptible veil that separates the intimate from the reaaalllly intimate.

I return to blogging with a clear goal. To peel off that veil. I can’t say that I have as clear of an idea as to my motivation. All I know is that my heart calls me to share completely and I’m honoring that call despite the taste of bile in my mouth from my abject terror at the prospect.

And from the response I got on my last post, seems y’all are on board as well. Thank you and welcome. Let’s get uncomfortable together but also, hopefully, grow together.


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