It’s been 12 days since my Myomectomy (Fibroid removal) and I’m recovering well. There is tenderness and mild pain but nothing that Ibuprofen hasn’t been taking care of. I’ve been ordered to be off work for 6 weeks and almost 2 weeks into it, I can tell you that self-care has been foremost in my mind. Below is a picture representation of what I’ve been doing to manage boredom and level up.

5 liters of water and 2 prunes a day has been keeping me regular…bowel movement wise that is. I can’t always hit the 5 liters, but I always get in at least 2.5L which is what my water bottle contains. 

Skin care 2X/day no matter what. I suffer from hyper-pigmentation because of having had adult acne. The ordinary brand by DECIEM is affordable and effective. It is a slow slow sloooow process but keeping on top of the routine without being hyper-focused on the results has been integral keeping up with it.

Oh, I’m sure you saw the floss in the previous picture. I’ve had to get a deep cleaning twice in the last couple of years and the culprit has always been a lack of a flossing habit. This is one of the biggest self-care things I’ve been doing the last few months. I use a calendar to keep track of days I floss. I’m not perfect but I’m happy considering I’d never flossed ever until 3 months ago! Blame the African upbringing. I think I read that Jerry Seinfeld credits this method as the secret to his productivity and, he’s onto something.

I’ve also been making it a point to start my day with some form of mediation, card pulls, journaling and a few pages from my favorite book at the moment. I’ve been kinda beating myself up because I sleep with my phone next to me so, the first thing I do is go on my phone. Check emails, look on social media and just dick around for an hour or so on my phone. I still do this. I still beat myself up about it. But after beating myself up about it, I get up and start my daily ritual by lighting the sage and meditating.

It’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, but I move with intention and the dividends has been me getting to know myself better and breaking down barriers that’s been hard to break down. A big part of that is the absolute gem that is Jen Sincero’s book. Listen, grab a copy and be prepared to be wowed! Oh and for my card pulls, I’ve been using the deck by my friend Erin Brown. It’s been great having the cards as a guide for journaling.

That’s it folks. Remember self-care doesn’t have to be spa trips and massages and stuff that only cost money (although it can be those things), it is also simple things like doing the dishes, cooking healthy nutritious meals, and making the bed. So, whatever self- care means for you, I wish you continued joy and abundance.






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