I posted the above picture on Instagram with the below caption:

210lbs vs 165lbs. 2016 vs 2018. Beautiful then, beautiful now. Don’t let anyone (yourself included) tell you otherwise. #fuckdietculture #fuckhatingyourself

and I received a question asking what I did and how I found the motivation.

While my original post wasn’t about fat loss, I realize how the fat loss component of the story can be an important one. Last year, I went through a hard time dealing with health complications my mom faced in part because of being overweight. Even without that struggle, as a nurse, I’ve always known the health benefits associated with lower body fat percentages coupled with overall healthy habits.

So, yes, fat loss can be beneficial and below, I share a few basic principles I’ve found to be key.

  • It is all about energy balance. Law of thermodynamics tells us that energy in = energy out and to shift that equation in favor of fat loss, energy in must be less than energy out. If you understand this basic, indisputable fact, you’ll be able to identify quack Yo-Yo diet methodologies for what they are. This means you can eat bread, potatoes, chocolate, meat and whatever else you love as long as this equation is respected. As long as you eat less total calories than you expend. I’ll talk about this in more details later but yeah, this is is the gist.
  • Figuring out the mental aspect of things. You’ll find this repeated in anything I write because working on the mental aspect of things will be a big part of a fat loss journey. Be it, addressing the mental hang-ups that got us with more body fat than we desire or working self-love even as we work towards changing our aesthetics. Mental work takes time and patience which leads us to the next point
  • Patience! Having patience is such a good thing because it means we’re giving ourselves the time to change our thoughts patterns which has been scientifically shown to lead to lower rates of weight regain. Because, gaining and losing the same 30lbs wrecks a havoc on our metabolism and makes it that much harder to lose fat the next time we try. The need for patience can’t be overstated.
  • Movement is a critical aspect also because our body craves it. Moving is a good thing. And not just moving because we want to burn x number of calories or build x number of muscles but moving because it helps us age better. Inactivity is a killer as we age. The statement that if you don’t use it, you lose it might be a cliche but true. Your choice of movement should be the one you love. Be it running or weight lifting or yoga or swimming and the list goes on and on. So, as long as you’re moving because you love it, you’re in a better position to maintain your fat loss as well as be happier overall.
  • Sleep and stress management are also key components. Keeping cortisol down has been shown to help us regulate hunger, keep us happier and our bodies functioning at optimum capacity.

Ok, that’s it folks. This is super high level view of “what I did.” In the upcoming weeks, I’ll break down each point further and provide you with resources and practical tips and tricks to help you along on your journey.



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