We had our engagement shoot April, 2017 which is almost a year ago and I’m yet to share pictures. I know I know, but better late than never right? Especially now that I’m blogging again, what better avenue than clogging up people’s FB pages.

So, we were shot by the amazing Casey Brodley who has graciously agreed to also shoot our wedding which we’re over the moon about.

The location was the Venice Canal here in LA. Such a gorgeous location if you’re ever in LA and need a place for a shoot and it’s completely free.

We knew we wanted to shoot in LA because we were coming to the end of my 3 month work assignment here and not knowing where we were going next, we wanted a permanent reminder of our time in LA and seeing as it was that we hadn’t had our engagement shoot yet, what better time right?

We found Casey after a feverish google session and told her of our plan to shoot in the upcoming week and as the universe would have it, she was available and the planning began.

She suggested the Venice Canal and all we had to do was google it and we fell in love.

Being the avid online shopper I am, it wasn’t hard to find outfits that I loved but the question was whether Ginele would love them as well. When it comes to pale pinks, lace, skirts or dresses, Ginele can be just a tiny bit picky. But, she loved everything I picked out so I went ahead and ordered everything from ASOS hoping that the fit would be perfect. Everything came two days later, I had to take in Ginele’s skirt but otherwise, it all looked dreamy and exactly what I had in mind stylistically (well, minus my press on nails…don’t ask).

The day of the shoot, we met up with Casey at the location. She wanted to shoot right before sunset otherwise known as the “golden hour” when the light would be just perfect. So, we got there way before sunset but….

Ginele had the bubble guts. And, the way the Venice Canal is set up, there are no public restrooms so we spent an hour or more looking for establishments that would let Ginele use their bathroom. Meanwhile, Casey was already there and waiting.

I felt that she probably thought we were pulling her legs with this outlandish story of looking for bathrooms. Also, we had a race against the clock because the sun was quickly setting and we were paying by the hour and we just needed to get the show on the road.

Anywho, after 3 (maybe 4) trips to the bathroom, we were ready to shoot. Through out the shoot, Casey made us feel completely at ease and she was able to capture the essence of our relationship beautifully I can’t wait to see what magic she spins with our wedding shoot.

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