My best friend and I are getting married. Coming out as gay wasn’t an easy endeavor. I don’t imagine it is for many people either which is why many end up staying closeted for decades.

Being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, I understood at a very young age what an abomination the practice of homosexuality was in the eyes of God. So, while I remember very distinctly an incident when I was 12 years old that involved playing hanky panky with another girl (my cousin) for the most part, my attraction to girls was well buried where forbidden desires hid.

Apart from that one incident, from grade school through college, it was all boys all the time. They liked me, they dated me, I dated them, we made out…I was normal.

In fact, I was so normal that my first serious relationship lasted 5 years. The one after that was another 6 years. Oh, I was married to that one for 4 of those years. Yup, I blended in real good. I was active in my congregation, I went preaching door to door, I taught people I encountered that “practicing” homosexuality was a sin as I understood it to be biblically. I never ever condoned homophobia though. I mean, you can’t help that you are gay but you certainly can control whether you act on it or not. Right? Right.

So, that was my life until about 4 years ago. Actually, there was an encounter with a second and then a third woman somewhere in between my first encounter and 4 years ago. I’ll tell y’all that story another time.

Here we are then, in 2015, I’m out to the world in all my gay glory after much psychotherapy mind you but still, I’m out.

That event right there, marked the beginning of life as I know it today and I’m super excited to tell you guys all about it.

To be continued…



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