A funny thing happened after I wrote my post on Keto. A friend called me from the grocery store yesterday asking if cucumbers were ok on the Keto diet! Ummm….when did I become the authority on Keto? This was like my literal nightmare coming to life. I mean, she admitted that she didn’t really read the post and to forgive her. She got an earful as I sent her on her way to ponder over which kind of sense it made to question if cucumbers were ok to eat.

This isn’t a situation that is unique to said friend. For her, it was cucumbers but it can be anything ranging from bread to potatoes to sugar to bacon and the list goes on and on. All these diets out there have people questioning things I feel like they would never question if they knew the basics of nutrition or if they trusted their instincts more. But this is what the diet industry has done. They’ve made it impossible for people to trust their guts (no pun intended!). To know without a doubt that as long as they aren’t allergic to cucumbers that cucumbers are a good thing.

I’m in no way calling people stupid (like look at you not being able to know if cucumbers are good for you). No, not at all. Rather, my angst is against the dieting culture that has over 80% of women dieting at some point their lives. My angst is against diet companies who leech off women’s vulnerabilities to convince them that somehow, eating 500 calories a day and wrapping themselves in saran wraps is a good idea.

This is the reason I finally decided to do this work. I was/am content in being a registered nurse, knowing I have a positive impact in people’s lives daily. I was content with talking about how damaging diet culture can be to women’s psyches and self love in private to my friends and family. But as time went on, I realized that I wanted to make more of an impact. With each Facebook post where people declared they were trying the next fad diet or going on a detox or buying a product to aid their weight-loss efforts, I said enough is enough. I will take a leap of faith, stop fearing my voice and work to reach and help as many women as possible come into their power.

I decided to get certified as a nutritional coach. While I’ve been reading about nutrition, movement and wellness for as long as I can remember, I knew that to do this at the level I wanted to; I had to take time out of a busy career to learn how to teach women this wealth of information I had bursting forth from my pores. I am beyond excited to help women come into their power in every aspect of their lives but especially, in their nutrition, movement and mental health because I believe all three go hand in hand. While diet companies are invested in women not knowing, I’m committed to educating and informing. Because only by doing that will I help put an end to women not trusting themselves to know if cucumbers or bread are ok to eat or not.

It’s funny how when I started writing this post, my intention was to write about the basics of nutrition but rather got incensed all over again at how women have been done wrong by this greedy industry they trust. Resulting in them starving themselves, shelling out thousands of dollars a year, ruining their metabolism and doubting themselves all the while not achieving the long-term results they desire, deserve or promised.

So, next post, I will become the change I want to see by writing a post on the basics of nutrition and adding a voice of sanity to all the insane information out there. I’m super excited and hope you are too!


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