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Master the basics of nutrition #ScienceOverDiets

If fat loss and health maintainace is your goal, learn the basics of nutrition. This is key toeverything you’ll ever do when it comes to using nutrition to manage your health. Fat loss may be your goal right now and to achieve that goal in the healthiest way that doesn’t have you yo-yoing, you have to understand the very basics of nutrition. And if you do fat loss well, your goals will change with time where you won’t have to remain in fat loss mode all the time. You can lose the fat and move on to achieve other goals such as maintaining a healthy weight, gaining strength, building muscle or improving your blood panels.

So, while the diet industry will have you think that the only goal worth pursuing is weight loss, we are varied and we need so much more from our nutrition other than to help us shrink to fit societal ideals of what beautiful is. I have written a three-part series on this laying out what calories are and why they matter and how to use the knowledge of them to create a nutrition plan for ourselves that is intelligent and easy to maintain. See them here Nutrition 101

Say no to quick-fix diets #IntuitionOverDiets

Now that you know the basics of nutrition and have created a nutrition plan to match your goals, the next step is having the courage and determination to say NO to any fad diets presented to you especially if they promise quick results. Sticking to your nutrition plan without distractions is incredibly hard because if you have a nutrition plan that is intelligent, chances are that it will take a while to achieve your goals. Because after all, we’re focused on habit changes not just dietary restrictions and creating a list of foods we cannot eat. But you see, we know this so this should arm us to stay strong on our course. We also have to learn how to trust our intuition and realize that if something reads too good to be true, it probably is.

We have to put on blinders especially when a new documentary is super convincing and has you believing that bread is the source of all your issues. Resist and stay the course and at the end, you’ll be victorious. No waist trainer, juice cleanse or shrink wrap will do for you what a solid, intelligently designed, science-based nutrition plan will do for you.

Love yourself as you are #BodyPositivity

This is a major key! There is a body positivity movement on social media which gets a lot of flak because people say that it’s not okay to love your fat body. I think this is a residual of diet culture where we’ve been socialized, especially as women to think that skinny is the only beautiful. Ever since following plus sized women who are into the body positivity movement, I have grown leaps and bounds because I can readily recognize beauty in all forms and not just the way the media wants us to see it. So, if you don’t already do this, follow them all! It will change the way you see yourself and other and help you to grow leaps and bounds in the way you love yourself. I firmly believe that only by loving ourselves can we make sustainable changes in our physique.

When change is borne out of love and not hate or disgust, we are able to appreciate the journey and not just the results. Another thing that has helped me is to look at my body naked and often. Do not avoid the mirror, really look at yourself, your fat rolls, wrinkles, celulite and see the beauty that lies within. That body transports you from place to place and it is such a privilege to have a functioning body even if its covered in cellulites and wrinkles. Love thy self! Here are a few of the people I love on IG: @Tessholiday @gabifresh @mumumansion @ihartericka @mamacaxx and there’s so many more. Find them all and follow them. Curate your IG feed to feed your soul and not steal from it!

Move for the love of it #MoveItOrLoseIt

Move because it’s good for you and you love it not because you need to burn off that cake you ate. When we’re able to take away the fat loss component to movement, we are much better for it. Working out only accounts for 20% of how we look. I mean it’s an important 20% but definitely not worth giving up movement just because it doesn’t transform our bodies overnight. Building muscle and losing fat will give us that “toned” look most women is after but that is not the end all be all of movement. Movement, more than anything else, will keep us mobile right into our old age. This is where the magic lies. As a nurse, I cannot begin to tell you the havoc loss of mobility in your old age wrecks on your whole self.

Many people are eagerly awaiting retirement to travel and do all these things they’ve always wanted to do. Here’s the caveat though, if you haven’t prioritized movement your whole life, your retirement goals can be halted because you’ll begin to face the consequences of not moving when you’re finally in a position to travel. Getting in and out of airplanes and the rigors of travel requires us to be active today while we still can so we can enjoy everything that our hearts desire. So, move because it feels good and because it keeps us moving and not because we want to punish ourselves for indulging. And it’s never too late to start. Pick something you love and do it for 30 minutes most days of the week and your mind, body and joints will thank you for it.

Have a treat every single day #TreatYoSelf

On the subject of indulging, please never stop indulging. In fact, do it often and do it intentionally. Do not cut out any food from your diet unless you hate it or you’re allergic to it. When we give ourselves permission to indulge in what we enjoy, we are able to keep enjoying those things without guilt. This has been a huge factor for me when it comes to not having a bad relationship with food. Nothing is of limits. I love gummie bears, so I eat gummie bears on a daily basis. And because I eat gummies on the daily, I’m able to eat just a serving of them without pigging out because I know that it’s always there for me to indulge in if I want to.

Gummies can be whatever for you but if you adopt this mentality and give yourself permission to eat a serving of your favorite treats on a daily basis, it helps you have a good relationship with food overall. There are still certain food items where a serving never seems enough and to combat this, when I want them, I drive to the store and buy a serving of it. But saying no or feeling guilty about eating is never an option. So, go forth and treat yo self!

That’s it folks, I hope implementing these 5 things in your life will help you create a better relationship with food and your body.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me an aspect of your nutrition, movement and mentality you’d love to improve and I’ll be sure to address it in upcoming emails and posts.

Also, Please forward to anyone who you think might find this helpful. Let’s create a butterfly effect and get as many people on board on the journey to becoming our best selves.


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